To speak about environment, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Pollution - damage caused to water, air, etc by harmful substances or waste;
Environment - the air, land, and water where people, animals, and plants live;
Defence - protection, or something that provides protection against attack or criticism;
Protect - to keep someone or something safe from something dangerous or bad;
Atmospheric - relating to the air or to the atmosphere;
Influence - the power to affect how someone thinks or behaves, or how something develops;
Plant - 1. a living thing that grows in the soil or water and has leaves and roots, especially one that is smaller than a tree;
2. a large factory where an industrial process happens;
Earthquake - a sudden movement of the Earth's surface, often causing severe damage;
Forecast - a report saying what is likely to happen in the future;
Wastes - things that are not wanted, especially what remains after you have used something;
Enterprise - a business or organization.
The new road may cause damage to the environment.
A powerful earthquake struck eastern Turkey last night.
There are so many plants on this territory.