Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text about the political system of the USA.
Рис. \(1\). The Capitol
The United States is a democratic constitutional federal republic. The president, Congress and the federal judiciary represent three branches of power — the executive, the legislative, the judicial respectively.
The legislative branch is the Congress. \(50\) congressmen represent each of the American states. This branch of power makes laws. There are two parts in the Congress: the House of Representatives and the Senate. There are \(435\) members in the House of Representatives that can be elected to \(2\) years. Unlike the members of the House of Representatives, senator’s term is \(6\) years. There are \(2\) senators in each state. The executive branch oversees the laws. The President of the United States is the chief executive. The president and the vice president are elected together. They can be in the office for no longer than \(4\) years and only for \(2\) terms. The president leads the army. If the head of the country  is no longer able to carry out his duty, the vice president steps in and becomes the president.
The judicial branch in the USA is the U.S. Supreme Court. It oversees Constitution, the highest law in the country. There are \(9\) judges in this court. They are appointed by the president. The main function if the judicial branch is to decide whether or not the law contradicts the Constitution.
Write true or false.
1. The legislative branch is the Congress.
2. Senators are elected to six-year terms.
3. The chief executive of the United States is the president.
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