To speak about civil law, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Tort - an ​action that is ​wrong but can be ​dealt with in a ​civil ​court ​rather than a ​criminal ​court;
Monetary damage - harm related to money;
Injunction - an official order from a court that prevents someone from doing something;
Liability - when you are legally responsible for something;
Negligence - when you are not careful enough in something you do, especially in a job where your actions affect other people;
Compensation - money that you pay to someone because you are responsible for injuring them or damaging something;
Punitive award - an ​amount of ​money that someone who ​commits a ​crime has to ​pay, that is intended to be large enough to prevent them or others from ​committing similar ​crimes in the future;
Probate - the ​legal ​process of ​deciding if a person's will has been made ​correctly and if the ​information it ​contains is ​correct;
Divorce - when two people officially stop being married.
The courts have issued an injunction to prevent the book from being published.
They have admitted liability for the damage caused.
Her parents plan to sue the surgeon for medical negligence.