To speak about shopping, you need the appropriate vocabulary. Part 2
Quality - how good or bad something is;

Odds and ends - a group of small objects of different types which are not valuable or important;

Fashion - the most popular style of clothes, appearance, or behaviour at a particular time;

Vogue - if there is a vogue for something, it is very fashionable;

Section - one of the parts that something is divided into;

To pay - to give money to someone because you are buying something from them, or because you owe them money;

To fit - to be the right shape or size for someone or something;

To suit - to be exactly right or suitable for someone;

To match - if two things match, they are the same colour or type;

To show - to let someone look at something;

Purchase - to buy something;

Counter - to prevent something or reduce the bad effect that it has;

To try - to do, test, taste, etc something to discover if it works or if you like it.

Flat shoes are in vogue (= fashionable) this spring.

These trousers don't fit any more.

I can't find anything to match my green shirt.

Your socks don't match.

Tickets must be purchased two weeks in advance.