To speak about shops, you need the appropriate vocabulary. Part 5
Service centre - a place where you can buy spare parts and have equipment or vehicles repaired;

Chain store - a store in a group of shops that belong to a single company, have the same appearance, and sell similar goods;

Gift shop - a shop that sells goods that are suitable for giving as presents;

Supermarket - a large shop which sells most types of food and other goods needed in the home;

Tobacconist’s - a shop where cigars, cigarettes and other tobacco things are sold;

Pay phone - a telephone in a public place that you pay to use;

Shopping centre, mall - a very large building or buildings containing a lot of stores and often restaurants, and usually with space around it outside for parking;

Travel agency - a company or shop that makes travel arrangements for people;

Department store - a large store that sells many kinds of products in different parts of the building;

General store - a shop that sells a wide range of products, often the only shop in a village;

Dry cleaner’s, the cleaners, launderette - a shop where you can have your clothes cleaned this way;

Hardware shop - a shop where tools and strong equipment, such as those used in the home or garden are sold;

Florist’s - a shop that sells flowers;

Jewellery shop, jeweller’s - a shop where you can buy objects made from gold, silver, and valuable stones that you wear for decoration

Contact a Computer World service center for repair.

Mary likes visiting florist’s. She is fond of flowers.

Mike will go to Spain. Last week she went to the travel agency.