Study the vocabulary about people and things in shops.
To sell - to give something to someone who gives you money for it;
Salesman, shop assistant - a man whose job is selling things;
Saleswoman, shop-assistant - a woman whose job is selling things;
Size - one of the different measurements in which things, for example clothes, food containers, etc are made;

Out of season - not fashionable;

To cost - if something costs a particular amount of money, you have to pay that in order to buy or do it;

Style - a way of designing hair, clothes, furniture, etc;

Price - the amount of money that you pay to buy something;

Price tag - a piece of paper attached to a product that shows the amount a product costs;

Label - a small piece of paper or other material which gives information about the thing it is fixed to.

He sold his guitar for £50.

She's had her hair cut in a really nice style.

There should be washing instructions on the label.