Study some useful phrases that you can use when you go shopping.
Are you just looking? = do you want to look alone?

To have a sale = a store will have many things at a discount (The store is having a sale.)

To be on sale = one or more items at a discount (This shirt is on sale.)

Hanger = holds the clothes (a picture of it is on the left)

Rack = a metal (or other kind) bar that holds clothes. You put your clothes on a hanger and then put the hanger on a rack.

Fitting room = the place where you try on clothes

Max out a credit card = (this is slang) It means you have reached your limit. If you cannot spend more money on your credit card, you have maxed it out.

How would you like to pay? = do you want to pay with cash, a credit card, or a check?

How does it fit? = is it a good size for you?

I will take it = I'll buy it

Who should I make the check out to? = what name should I write on the check?

Tax = the extra money a store charges. It goes to the government.

I.D. = identification (card)