Условие задания:

4,5 Б.
Listen to the dialogue "Boxing as a Sport".
Mike talks about how he started boxing and why he chose it as a sport.
Write the phrases that you will hear.
1. Mike: Well, I was   but I had a couple of amateur fights and I don't think people quite understand how much goes into one fight because leading up to the fight, a couple of months before the fight, a friend of mine and I would be training at least five times a week.
2. Erina: What kind of   ?
3. Mike: Well, especially with boxing, you get a lot of head injuries and more so over time because unlike other   , boxing is designed to keep you standing and taking hits and that's why you see a lot of professional boxers as they get older and near the end of their career or even after their career, a lot of them have severe brain damage. Their speech is impeded and you can tell that they've really done some damage to their head over the years.