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4,5 Б.
Listen to the text "World Cup City".
Paul and Todd talk about what places are worthy of hosting the World Cup.
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Write the phrases that you will hear.
1. Todd: Plus I've always wondered what a World Cup would be like if you had it in one   and Qatar is relatively small so people won't have to travel that much, so I think that's kind of a benefit I think. A lot of my friends have been to the World Cup and they say that actually having the games so spread out is kind of a hassle.
2. Todd: So that might be good. But actually to be honest what really surprised me was that Australia didn't get it. I thought Australia was the best choice. I thought Australia was a better choice than the US and Qatar. They've never had it in that region before, they have all the stadiums recently built for the Olympics in two thousand. They love football or soccer, they are always competitive in the World Cup, a very festive atmosphere, very multi-cultural like the US, so I thought they were   candidate but they came in third. I think they were voted out first, I don't even remember.
3. Todd: Yeah, I agree. Although, on the other hand, I think most of the world doesn't know very much about Qatar and we can look at what China recently did in the Olympics, there was a lot of skepticism about how they would  and they did a phenomenal job. So I guess everybody just has to keep an open mind and hope for yet another great World Cup.
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