Household technology
The electronic devices which are used in household are called - household appliances.
I am a housewife and my life would not be possible without household appliances that help me to cook and to clean house daily.
Рис. \(1\). Freezer
One that freezes, as a thermally insulated cabinet
Рис. \(2\). Cooker
Device used to provide heat (either electric or gas) to cook food
Рис. \(3\). Refrigerator
Appliance for maintaining food at a low temperature, or producing ice
Рис. \(4\). Dishwasher
Device that washes dishes
Рис. \(5\). Iron
Instrument used for taking the wrinkles out of a piece of clothing through heat
Рис. \(6\). Dryer
Device or appliance for removing moisture, as by hot air
Рис. \(7\). Toaster
 Device used to toast bread, esp. by exposure to heat
Рис. \(8\). Washing machine
Device used to wash clothes
Рис. \(9\). Vacuum cleaner
Appliance using suction to clean surfaces
Рис. \(10\). Oven
Chamber or enclosed compartment usually used to cook in, as in a cooker
Рис. \(11\). Microwave
A device which is used to warm up the food
Some examples:
I don't know what I'd do without my dishwasher. I can't imagine having to wash all those dishes by hand!
Honey, where's the dryer? I've just taken a shower and I need to dry my hair.
He goes shopping and buys enough food to put into his freezer for a month.
I really don't know how to cook. About the only thing I can do is boil an egg on the cooker.