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3 Б.
Internet Addiction
Psychiatrists consider Internet Addiction Syndrome as a disease that can result in relationship, workplace and financial problems.
IAS have pretty much in common with smoking and gambling as well as with alcohol abuse. Social media and smartphone addiction are the part of IAS. Addicts can't quit, they spend online unreasonable amount of time, they check mail first thing in the morning and they can even dream about surfing the net.
Users who are hooked on the Internet can spend online more than \(10\) hours a day - that's more than a usual working day in the office. Internet addicts can't cut down time they spend online, because it's quite difficult to do so on their own. If you feel like you're hooked, it's definitely time to get help. You can ask your friends or parents for advice and support. Spending more time outdoors and finding a new hobby is an option too. 
Match if these statements are true or false or there is no such information in the text:
1. Internet Addiction Syndrome as a disease that can result in a range of problems.
2. If you feel like you're hooked, don't tell anyone.
Answer to the following question. Write only short answer (not full sentences):
3. Addicts spend online unreasonable amount of time online, doing what exactly first thing in the morning?