Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read through the text and answer the questions that follow.
Internet refuseniks
It seems that internet access is everywhere, but not everyone wants to use it. People who don't want to use the internet for whatever reasons are called net refuseniks (derived from Russian otkaznik — a person who was denied permission to emigrate from the Soviet Union).
More than one in three of the digital refuseniks said they did not see the need for a connection and nearly one quarter said they could not afford it. Senior people are less active online, though the number of silver surfers (older people who use the net) is slowly increasing.
What are the reasons for it? Why do some people not use the internet?
— The cost. Somebody just can't afford to pay regularly for the internet connection.
— Access. Some people live in remote places where it's difficult to lay the wire in.
— Interest. This is probably the main reason. The majority of non-users are simply not interested in being online. Almost all non-users cite the lack of interest as the only reason for not being online. Retired people also think that it's not for people their age and it's a major reason, but that is very similar to lack of interest.
1. The majority of refuseniks can't afford internet access.
2. The main reason for not getting internet access is difficulty of laying the cable in remote places.
3. Senior people say that it's not for people their age.