Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the dialogue and answer the multiple-choice questions that follow.
Hooking Up My Computer
Owen: Hi Sam. Can you help me out?
Sam: Sure. What is it?
Owen: So, I've bought a new PC and I'm having some problems getting it ready.

Sam: Oh, yeah, I see. And I'm that geek friend.

Owen: Yeah... You are so good at PCs and all that computer stuff. I've plugged in all the cables from the monitor, mouse and keyboard, and... It still won't start.
Sam: What about the software? Have you installed it?
Owen: No... Do I have to?
Sam: Well, not always, but in most cases it's better to install drivers for your computer equipment — the mouse, the keyboard…

Owen: Won't the computer start without the drivers? 
Sam: It will, don't worry. Boot it up and then we can update the software.
Owen: Okay...  Hmm, what's that? 
Sam: Oh, this is a memory card reader. You can insert SD and micro SD cards from your camera and mp3 player and mobile phone into it.

Owen: That's pretty handy.

Sam: It's a nice PC. How big is the hard drive?

Owen: Probably about \(500\) GB... I honestly don't remember...
Sam: Good... Okay, the system's booted up, everything's okay. Let's install the drivers.
Owen: Wait a sec, can I get online now?
Sam: Do you have a Wi Fi router or an Ethernet cable?

Owen: Yes, I do. That's the white cable over there.
Sam: Yep. Is it plugged in?
Owen: What do you mean?
Sam: The cable needs to be plugged into your computer. Okay, here we go... Yeah, now it's ready. 
Owen: Let's get online!
Sam: Just a sec... Before that we need to launch the browser.
Owen: What's that?
Sam: It's the program that you use to browse the web, that's why it's called 'browser'.
Owen: Oh, okay. I've got a lot to catch up with... 
Sam: Yes... It seems I'm going to spend here all day …
1. Why does he ask Sam for help?
He knows Sam  
2. Which component does Owen not recognize?
3. Which hardware is required to get online?