To speak about technologies, you need to know the proper vocabulary of modern devices. Here is the vocabulary connected with computer devices.
People are using different computer devices to connect and use computer.
Рис. \(1\). Laptop
A small portable computer
Рис. \(2\). Computer
An electronic machine that can store and process data.
Рис. \(3\). Scanner
A device that scans something that is flat and sends the image to the computer.
Рис. \(4\). Mouse
A little device that you move with your hand which then moves the cursor on the screen.
Рис. \(5\). Fax machine
A machine that is used to send paper document information to another machine.
Рис. \(6\). Keyboard
A device which is used to type in letters to the computer.
Рис. \(7\). USB flash drive
A device which is used to store information, usually of computers.
Рис. \(8\). Memory card
A device which is used to store information, usually of video and photo cameras.
Some examples:
If you want to surf on the Internet you use computer or a smaller computer and portable one called laptop.
To type in you use keyboard and to click on the desktop- mouse.
If you want to send some paper document to someone fax machine is used and to store information memory cards and USB flash drives are used.