Idioms are phrases which have figurative meaning unlike literal meaning.
For example, "break a leg" means "good luck" and many others.
There are also many idioms related to technology field. Here is a list of commonly used idioms regarding technology.
1. Well-oiled machine — used to describe something that works very well and effectively.
2. Light years ahead — used to describe someone who is much more ahead others in career, in personal development, etc.
3. On the same wavelength — used to describe people who share the same views and opinions.
4. Bells and whistles — exciting extras for electronic devices, however usually they are useless .
5. Driven by a motor — used to describe people who are too hyperactive and too proactive.
6. Push the panic button — used to describe someone who reacts to the situation by being frightened.
7. Don't push my buttons — a phrase which is usually said to someone who starts to annoy.
8. Rocket science — used to describe something which is complicated. Usually used in a negative meaning.
9. Hit the airwaves — used to describe situation where person is showed in media and on TV in order to tell about something or give interview.
10. Hold the wire — used to tell person not to end the call and wait for the person.
11. Silver surfer — an elderly person who uses the Internet.
Some examples:
My computer works like a well-oiled machine.
I have no idea why boss promoted her, because I believe you are light years ahead of her.
Many companies promote computer education to elders to increase silver surfers amount in the country.
All you need to read are only few chapters, to pass the exam is not a rocket science!
I suppose I have never been on the same wavelength with others, all always had other views than I had.
After eating the chocolate my sister acts like she is driven by a motor.