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Read  the text about office workers.
Рис. \(1\). Office workers
Are office workers rude?
Rude behavior at work is a well-known problem. Most office workers are impolite towards their colleagues and most of workers say that they have been victims of such behavior. Some people say that work-related stress is the reason for this.
Here are some examples of workplace rudeness: disrupting others in any way, lying, ignoring emails or phone calls, gossiping, swearing, being late, acting aggressively. All these examples are a expressions of disrespect and breaking the rules of etiquette.
Bullying and rudeness affect productivity and work relationship, cause stress and create toxic work environment.
Note that breaking the rules of commonly acceptable behaviour can mean different things for different people or in different working environments or even different cultures.
Although workplace rudeness is widespread, there are some ways to deal with it. It is important to raise awareness — providing workers with information on the matter. Some companies offer training programs for their workers and encourage them to be polite, be on time, thank their colleagues and treat their co-workers the way they would want to be treated.
Choose true or false.
1. Some people say that work-related stress has nothing to do this.
2. Bullying and rudeness affect productivity and work relationship.
3. Raising awareness of this problem is important.
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