To speak about mass media, study the appropriate vocabulary. Part 4
Society - a large group of people who live in the same country or area and have the same laws, traditions, etc;
Dominate - to control or have power over someone or something;
Describe - to say what someone or something is like;
Publication - when a book, newspaper, etc is printed and sold;
Include - to have something or someone as part of something larger or more general, such as a group, price, or process;
Event - something that happens, especially something important or unusual;
Advertising - the business of trying to persuade people to buy products or services;
Item - thing;
Protect - to keep someone or something safe from something dangerous or bad;
Daily paper - a newspaper that is published every day of the week except Sunday;
Foreign news - news belonging to or coming from another country, not your own.

I want to watch foreign news. 

Did you buy a daily paper?

His books include the best-selling novel 'The Foundling'.

The story was covered in all the national dailies.