To speak about the Internet, study the appropriate vocabulary. Part 1
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Doubt - when you are not certain about something, or do not trust someone or something;
Edit - to prepare text, film, etc by deciding what to include and making mistakes correct;
Interaction - the activity of talking and doing things with other people, or the way you do this;
Click the mouse - to press on part of a computer mouse (= small computer control) to make the computer do something;
Laptop - a computer that is small enough to be carried around and used where you are sitting;
Cheat - to behave in a way that is not honest or fair in order to win something or to get something;
Replace - to start using another thing or person instead of the one that you are using now;
Coexist - if two things or groups coexist, they exist at the same time or together, although they may be very different;
Neglect - to not give enough care or attention to something or someone;
Consequence - the result of an action or situation, especially a bad result;
Conclusion - the opinion you have after considering all the information about something.

To start the program, click on its icon.

Do you have a laptop for watching a programme on the net?

It is essential to edit some texts on the net. There are many mistakes.