To speak about popular mass media, study the appropriate vocabulary.
Essential - very important and necessary;
Source - where something comes from;
Surprise - an event that you did not expect to happen;
Feature film - a film that is usually 90 or more minutes long;
Reflection - something that is a sign or result of a particular situation;
Opportunity - a situation in which it is possible for you to do something, or a possibility of doing something;
Escape - to avoid a dangerous or unpleasant situation;
Admit - to agree that you did something bad, or that something bad is true;
Regret - to feel sorry about a situation, especially something that you wish you had not done;
Contain - to have something as a part.

Her resignation came as a complete surprise (= was very surprising).

His poor job performance is a reflection of his lack of training.

Don't miss this opportunity to win a million pounds in this quiz show.

There are many feature films on the Internet.