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3 Б.
Read the text “Advertisement”.
Рис. \(1\). Advertising
Advertising can be irritating sometimes — all the commercials and printed ads, endless billboards. It has become an essential part of marketing nowadays — huge sums of money are invested in this sphere. However, advertising can contribute to the community as well. In what ways? What are the objectives of advertising?
The first function is providing information to customers. A large part of information about existing and all-new products (gadgets, food, household appliances etc) people get from ads.
The second is persuading people to buy the products. Powerful, visual advertising presents advantages of the product and make consumers purchase goods, services and ideas. Advertising tells a potential customer how the product, service or idea considered will improve their life, make it happier or easier. Ads make the products associated with something good and pleasant for people — love, happiness, joy.
A good thing about advertising is that it helps reduce prices. It stimulates demand; production is on large-scale and cost of production per unit falls. Also when a producer or a seller advertises his product, his objective is to win the confidence of the customers. It is absolutely essential to improve the quality of the product if the confidence of the customers is to be won. So goods which are advertised are usually of good quality.
Thus advertising plays an important role in our society and everyday life and even makes it better.

Write true or false.
1. A large part of information about existing and all-new products people get from ads.
2. Avertising presents disadvantages of the product.
3. Advertising helps increase prices.
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