Условие задания:

4,5 Б.
Listen to the dialogue ”Social Media Overload”. Katia talks with Alex about finding a balance with social media in life.
Write the words that you will hear.
1. Katia: I'm doubting, I'm doubting if the whole Facebook and Twitter, if that's actually good. It seems like  now are spending so much time in computers and virtually but not really doing outside activities so I wonder if there should be a change and perhaps not allow it so easily or be or have more restrictions on it.
2. Katia: I would be worried if I had children and they were into all these social media things that it's   even for me and even for us. I feel that, you know, some people that we don't know might be spying on us; we're just open.
3. Katia: That is true. I would really, I don't know, it seems like my doubts are increasing about social media and what it's actually doing to us and what it will do to our generations so I really wonder how much or how should we handle it? I really don't know. Also   , it's been used so much that we don't talk on the phone any more or we don't even talk person to person. We just text message.