To speak about country life, you. Part 3
Farmer - someone who owns or takes care of a farm;

Barn - a large building on a farm in which animals or hay (= dried grass) and grain are kept;

Cottage - a small house, usually in the countryside;

Farmhouse - the main house on a farm where the farmer lives;

Stable - a building in which horses are kept;

Cowshed - a building where cows are kept while they are milked (= have milk taken from them) or where they are kept during winter or bad weather;

Coop - a cage (= a small space surrounded by bars, wire, etc.) where small animals are kept, especially chickens;

Dairy farm - a farm that only produces milk and products made from milk;

Kitchen garden - an area, especially a part of a large garden, where fruit, vegetables, and herbs are grown;

Orchard - an area of land where fruit trees (but not orange trees or other citrus trees) are grown;

Shed - a small building, usually made of wood, used for storing things;

Pigsty - an enclosed area where pigs are kept;

Stall - a small closed area within a farm building in which there is space for one animal to be kept.
We need to clean the pigsty.

Where is the dairy farm?

John is a great farmer. He has everything in his cottage.