Условие задания:

4,5 Б.
Read the dialogue and answer the questions. Choose only one variant.
A Business Traveller.
Interviewer: Good morning Sir. I'd like to ask you a few questions if I may.

Jack: Well, I'm waiting to catch my flight so I guess I can answer a few questions.
Interviewer: Thank you Sir. First of all, how often do you travel?

Jack: I travel about twice a month.
Interviewer: Where are you flying to on this trip?

Jack: I'm flying to Austin, Texas.
Interviewer: … and where did you fly on your last trip?

Jack: I flew to Portland, Oregon. I've already been there three times!
Interviewer: Really! Do you enjoy travelling for business?

Jack: Yes, although I prefer staying in the office.
Interviewer: What do you like most about travelling?
Jack: I like visiting new cities and trying out new food.
Interviewer: Is there anywhere you would like to visit that you haven't visited yet?
Jack: Yes, I'd like to go to Hawaii! I love going to the beach!
Interviewer: Thank you very much for your time today.

Jack: You're welcome. My pleasure.
Read the statements and choose:
1. Jack is waiting to catch a flight.
2. Jack likes eating in good restaurants.
3. Jack doesn't enjoy travelling for business.