Условие задания:

4,5 Б.
Listen to the dialogue "Make-up". Rebecca talks about how she was introduced to make-up and her thoughts on it.

Write the words that you will hear:
1. Rebecca: It was tough love. At the time I hated her and I was getting picked on a lot at school about it, cause I just didn't   you have to do these certain things. It was like, this is what acceptable in the community.
2. Rebecca: I know a lot of people though who have had the opposite problem, like when they're younger, like they're maybe seven or eight and they want to wear make-up because mommy does, and you know, I   who would play dress up.
3. Rebecca: Yeah, there was a lot of anger about that from the teachers and it was not all acceptable so I don't really know when the correct age is to wear make-up but I think at least if they're   , I guess maybe it's alright once they become - no longer little girls anymore, then maybe you can let them wear make-up if they want.