To speak about teens and money, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Suspect - to think or believe something to be true or probable;
Allowance - money that you are given regularly, especially to pay for a particular thing;
Rise - to move upwards;
Debt - something, especially money, that is owed to someone else, or the state of owing something;
Cash - money in the form of notes and coins, rather than cheques or credit cards;
Save - to keep something, especially money, for use in the future;
Access - the method or possibility of getting near to a place or person;
Waste - an unnecessary or wrong use of money, substances, time, energy, abilities, etc;
Encourage - to make someone more likely to do something, or to make something more likely to happen;
Pocket money - an amount of money that parents regularly give to their child to spend as they choose;
Respond - to say or do something as a reaction to something that has been said or done;
Saving - an amount of money that you do not need to spend.
Craving - a strong feeling of wanting something;
Warning - something that makes you understand there is a possible danger or problem, especially one in the future.

Suddenly, all her anger rose to the surface.

He managed to pay off his debts in two years.

Do you have any cash on you?

Instead of simply punishing them, the system encourages offenders to modify their behaviour.

I have a craving for chocolate.