Study the following question tags. Special cases.
1) "I am" "aren't I?"

2) "I used to" "didn't I?"

3) Imperative "will/won't you?"

4) "Let's" "shall we?"

5) "Let me/him", etc. "will/won't you?"

6) "I have (got)" "haven't I?" (= possess)

7) "There is/are" "isn't/aren't there?"

8) He never complains, does he?

I am tall, aren't I?

He used to drive to work, didn't he?

Please help me, will/won't you?

Let's make a snowman, shall we?

Let him come with us, will you/won't you?

He has got a pen, hasn't he?

He had an accident last week, didn't he?

He has lunch at 1:00 pm, doesn't he?

There's no one here, is there?

There are a few pears left, aren't there?