Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text “I love summer”.
A couple of years ago my granny and granddad lived in the countryside. I visited them every summer holidays and spent a few weeks at the farm. I loved helping them there. There were lots of animals — hens, roosters, geese, sheep. There was a big German shepherd — a very handsome and loyal dog. He was very protective of the family and the farm. But he was always kind to us children and never even barked at us, let alone tried to bite. There was a huge meadow near the farm and a deep lake.

My granddad went fishing and liked to go with him, though it was hard for me to get up very early. The days we spent on the farm were some of the best of my life. But soon my granny and granddad moved to a little town. It was getting difficult for them to maintain the farm, because they are quite old. Now they live in a new house with a garden. The German shepherd lives with them, and they adopted a cat. It’s good that the dog and the cat get along well. I hope to spend the next summer with my grandparents.
Choose the correct word order in sentences: