Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text "Leisure in Britain".
Britain is a country of leisure, with people spending more and more time and money on having fun and relaxing. In a recent survey there are some interesting facts.
British people spend an average of 16 hours a week listening to the radio and more than 24 hours watching TV.
In 1999 British people bought 160 million CDs and borrowed 500 million books from public libraries. Going to the cinema is very popular, with 112 million visits. That is two visits for each person in Britain!
At home, gardening and DIY (do it yourself) are very popular, but playing computer games is now top. One in four families now owns a computer and one in ten people says this is the main topic of conversation!
More than 25 million people in England alone take part in some sport or active recreation at least once a month Across Britain, walking is the most popular physical activity, followed by swimming, keep fit, cycling, football, golf, running and tenpin bowling.
Write the correct variant of these sentences (correct word order) or parts of sentences:
1. Britain country of leisure is a.
2. That is for each person in Britain two visits!
3. One in four families a computer and one in ten now owns people says this is the main topic of conversation!