Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text "Describing my friend".
I would like to tell you about my best friend.  Her name is Lena. We know each other for many years. She is my next door neighbor. I always recognize her among many others. She is a girl of average height with a long curly blond hair.  Lena has a sporty constitution. She is lean and slender build. Her skin has a cream-white colour. Her face is oval. Lena has a straight nose and thick protruding lips. Her face is covered with freckles. Lena’s eyes are very beautiful. They are of deep green colour, which reminds emerald. Her face is always kind and well-wishing . She often smiles and she’s always optimistic.  Lena is very pretty girl and a true friend.
Fill in these phrases:
1. always   her among
2. nose and thick   lips
3. very   girl and a true friend