Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text "To be in fashion".
Today fashion is a very popular industry which influences millions of people around the world. Every year more and more people start to follow fashion trends in order to be stylish and attractive.
Quite a number of people believe that other people judge a person first by his looks and only then, as they get to know him, by his inner qualities; that’s why they are convinced that if you follow fashion trends you have more chances to make a good impression on others. Such people suppose that fashionable clothes help them to stand out from the crowd and they often say that when they are dressed fashionably they feel more confident.
Certainly there are opponents of the necessity to follow fashion trends. They confirm that at present one can meet many people in the street who look like mannequins in a shopwindow. These people consider that every person should have his or her own style and it has to be unique. One shouldn’t blindly follow fashion trends, because it’s irrational and besides it’s rather expensive to keep up with the fashions.
I personally pay attention to fashion in small doses and I’m sure that this is the only healthy way of approach. The clothes that are presented at the fashion shows are usually inappropriate in a day-to-day life; you cannot wear them at work or to a café. I believe that fashion has almost nothing to do with good taste, so everyone should create his or her own style.
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