Условие задания:

4,5 Б.
Listen to the text "Glasses".
Marion has a problem with her glasses. She explains what the problem.
Choose the right phrase.
1. I remember a few of us had to buy   and jumpers cause it was just so, so cold, especially at night.
2. I remember, just because it was Valentine's Day, so there were a few of us trying to argue with them in Italian and you know, we were saying that it wasn't fair because it was just a group of us and we just   so I think eventually they kind of gave us a more reasonable price so we set off in the gondola and went along the canals, the little canals around Piazza San Marco so it was really, really, really nice.
3. He was very nice, and so there was a few of us from Ireland in the gondola he was asking us all where we were from and so as soon as we told him Ireland he started singing us a song by U2 which is a bit strange, not   that you expect from a gondoliere but, em, it was quite funny, anyway.