Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the dialogue.
— How do you do?

— How do you do?

— Nice to meet you. I’m Peter. I’m from Moscow.

— Nice to meet you too. I’m Betty. How old are you?

— I’m 16. And I’m in the tenth grade. And you?

— I go to college. I’ll be a designer. I live here with my parents. They are doctors.

— Doctors? So are my parents. They work in a hospital, and they like their work. And my ambition is to be a doctor too.

— And what is your hobby?

— I collect badges. I travel a lot and the theme of my collection is different countries. I have about 100 badges in my collection. It is a long-lasting hobby and who knows, in many years this collection may have become very appreciated and can be enjoyed by my own children too.

— Have you got a pet?

— Oh yes, it’s a dog. I take a dog for walks every day and train my pet in spite of weather.

— I also have a pet. It’s a hamster. It lives in a cage and I take care of it. When it’s warm, I even walk with my pet.

— You see, I’m keen on history and I know that your city is ancient. Will you show me all interesting places in your city?

— Sure. Now I have holidays and a lot of free time. So I’ll be your guide.

— Thank you a lot.

— My pleasure.
Choose the correct sentence:
Е.И.Кусунько, Е.С. Музланова. Английский язык. Все устные темы для подготовки к выпускному экзамену – Москва: Астрель, 479с.