Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text "Social etiquette in the UK".
The Britons are famous for their manners and etiquette, therefore it’s very important to follow certain rules when you’re in the UK.
A handshake is probably the most widespread greeting in the world – and in Britain too. Brits are pretty reserved, so they usually shake hands with people they don’t know. Hugs and kisses are appropriate only with family or friends.
Sometimes they use nicknames like dearie or mate. It's alright — it’s just a way to show affection and respect.

Small talk (or chit-chat, as they call it) is an important part of British culture. There are some small talk topics the Brits love — weather, traffic, pets and surroundings. But also there are some topics to avoid – politics, health, money or religion. It’s considered impolite to discuss these subjects. 

British people highly appreciate punctuality. Being on time (or even being a couple of minutes earlier) is important on every occasion: formal meetings, appointments or meeting with friends. If you are running late, you should give the host a call and tell how late you may be.
Fill in the gaps in the phrases:
1. hugs and kisses are  only with family or friends
2. but also there are some  
3. you should give the host a