Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the texts about places of living.
What is my dream house? (Sam)
What my dream would be a really big house with a lot of gardens, really big gardens, really big spaces where to hangout with family. A pool would be really great. Having those endless pools where you can see the – like it has no end. Those endless pools look so great. A big garden. A basketball court, definitely and a really big gym. That's the thing I would love in my dream house.
Having all those things together in one house, hmm, that would be the best, definitely.
Your apartment. (Adelina)
Hi, this is Adelina and I am from Spain. Today I am going to describe my apartment.
I live in a penthouse close to the sea and I have an open kitchen concept and a small living room, two terraces, two bedrooms and a little bathroom. I really like it, and it's a very colorful house.
Write true, false, doesn’t say:
1. Sam wants a big house without the garden.
2. Adelina is from Spain.
3. Adelina lives in a farm house.