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Read the text about famous Russian cities.
Рис. \(1\). St. Petersburg  
Thousands of people around the world are very keen on travelling. They visit new corners of our planet and see various lifestyles and habits, meet people of all kinds and practice speaking languages. Without doubt, travelling help broaden one's horizons. A traveller can see and experience far more than a person trying to learn about the world while staying at home and reading books or watching TV. Therefore lots of foreigners come to Russia to become acquainted with the rich culture, customs and traditions of our country. 
Russia has always fascinated people from all over the world. There are lots of towns and villages where traditional handicrafts have developed: Khokhloma painting on wooden objects, Palekh lacquer miniature and Kazakovo filigree metalwork. Hundreds and hundreds of tourists come to Russia to see Russian wooden logs decorated with carvings.
Ancient architecture attracts tourists to old cities. One of the oldest and most beautiful Russian cities is Novgorod the Great (not to be confused with Nizhny Novgorod). Rurikovo Gorodische is about \(2\) km from Novgorod — it is the place where the history of Russia as a state started. Novgorod's Monument of the Millennium of Russia is worth seeing — \(1000\) years of Russian history are embodied in this monument. Visiting The Vitoslavitsy Museum of Folk Wooden Architecture a person can feel like they're in different time. A collection of wooden houses from around Russia is a chance to admire traditional architecture.
St. Petersburg is another city attracting visitors all the year round. It's called the northern capital — and sure enough, this Northern Venice, as it is called, won't let anyone stay indifferent. St. Isaac’s Cathedral, The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, The Hermitage and the Russian Museum, the Winter Palace — there are numerous attractions to suit every taste.

There are a lot of other incredible towns and cities all over Russia, and all of them are worth seeing and admiring.
Сhoose the correct sentence. The mistakes in these sentences can be different.
Рис. 1. St. Petersburg. Pixabay License CC0. Free for commercial use No attribution required. https://pixabay.com/images/id-2396022/ (Дата обращения 11.10.2021)