Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text "School activities".
Various School Activities for Kids
There are lots of different school activities for kids of all ages. From back-to-school activities to after-school activities, there are a host of options out there. Parents can choose from all of these to educate kids and keep them engaged at the same time.

Appropriate school activities will lead to the all-round development of children and make them achieve their maximum potential. It is, therefore, imperative that parents and teachers pick ones that are age-appropriate and result in greater learning and understanding. These activities vary depending on the ages and interests of the kids. Extracurricular activities that help children develop and learn new skills are also great options.

School Activities for Kids - Fun and Entertaining
How many times have you heard children say ‘I’m bored’? No matter how young or old they are, kids are always eager to do something new and interesting. If you are constantly on the lookout for ideas that will not only keep the young minds occupied but will also be beneficial for them, your search ends here.
Preschool Activities
You can mold your preschoolers and channel their growth with various kinds of preschool activities. Simple, easy and fun, activities set the foundation for better learning and development. Both informative and productive, fun preschool activities will build your preschoolers’ confidence and make them well-rounded individuals.

Middle school activities
Middle school children are older and mature enough to grasp and learn new concepts. Middle school activities stimulate further growth and encourage learning among kids. From after school sports and extracurricular activities to more advanced math and science activities, middle school is a good time for children to recognize their interests and harness their skills.

High school activities
There are many parents who find it difficult to excite and interest their high school age kids with productive activities. Engaging activities that keep in mind their level of skill and that are appropriate for their age group will do wonders in keeping them engaged. These fun and intelligent activities for high school-going children will stimulate their intellect and motivate them to sharpen their skills.

Write 4 words into each gap:
1. Extracurricular activities that help children develop and   also great options.
2. You can mold your preschoolers and channel their  kinds of preschool activities.
3.These fun and intelligent activities for high school-going children will   motivate them to sharpen their skills.