Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the dialogue.
— So, where shall we go this summer? As for me, I’d prefer to go to China. I have always dreamed of visiting this exotic country. Just imagine tasting Chinese food! Besides, we can buy exotic souvenirs.

— Oh, no. It’s too crowded there! And it’s dangerous to travel to China because we can catch a serious disease. As for Chinese food, it’s too spicy for me. Besides, I can’t eat with chopsticks. And you?

— Neither can I. Well, then let’s go to Australia. It’s also an exotic country with different exotic animals. And if we stay at the seaside, we can learn windsurfing. It’s very popular there.

— I don’t think that going to Australia is a good idea. It’s too far. I don’t feel like spending so much time on board the plane. We’ll be jet-lagged, I’m afraid.

— But we can practise our English! What’s more, we’ll be able to compare Australian English with British one. I think it’s worth our efforts.

— Well, if you want to practise your English, why not go to the UK. It’s much closer to Russia and it won’t take us long to get there. More than that, we can buy a package tour and visit famous towns and cities, can’t we?

— Yes, we can, but I hate packed holidays, because there are too many excursions. Besides, I have already been there twice. What I need is new impressions!

— Well, what about the USA? Have you been there?

— No, I haven’t been there yet. But it takes you a long time to get a visa to the USA. And the tickets are rather expensive, I’m afraid.

— Not as expensive as to Australia or China. It’s a great chance to learn more about America and to make a lot of new friends. Besides, we’ll be able to compare American English and British one. What do you think of it?

— Perhaps, I’ll agree with you. America is an unusual country. And I think we’ll never have a chance of going there again.
Fill in the gaps:
1. And it’s   to China because we can catch a serious disease.
2. I don’t feel like spending so   on board the plane.
3. But it takes you a long time to get   to the USA.
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